I’m not a regular blogger

Hmmm … so the last blog was last year! Oh my giddy aunt… where do I start with something interesting to say.

I will use my go to as dear old Spike Milligan never ceases to fail with his humour that I love…

When logic fails, use nonsense.

I shall try try try again to be a blogger


First CTCT in the box

So finally I can say, yes I have done the Argus, or what is now known as the Cape Town Cycle Tour.
109 kms is not to be sneezed at with a fair amount of climbing thrown in. The dodgy knee gave me some trouble but my trusty husband (yes he knows what is good for him) stayed with me for most of the time and was there to give me a shove when I needed it.  Those last 10 kms seemed to last forever and boy was I happy to get off my bike, clutching that medal ever so proudly in my hands (even my hands were cramping). I am not one for regrets, but I do wish I had started this cycling thing 20 years ago and not 2! So anyone reading this blog who is in their 20’s and doing more couching about than exercise… get off yer butts… it’s worth it!


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Slickety slicks

Although slicks do tend to give more speed, I forgot what a much harder darn ride they create… ouch… feeling every bump. Yes, tar is not smooth!

Today was our last longish pre CTCT training ride and Murphy was out in full force – slap in your face headwind that had a sense of humour to change direction on our return ride. Sigh.

I managed a grunt when my husband dared to comment “good training”

He is right, but I could have knocked him off his bike if I could have kept up with him.

All this aside,I did still enjoy the ride and am amped for Sunday 😆





Is blogging my thing?

So, I have always wondered if blogging was my “thing”  …

Well proof shall be in this blog pudding (so to speak).  I like to write, hey I even write poems at times… will think about that for a bit before blogging my poetic lines.

So, today here I sit on my ball (one of those Pilates balls!) wondering what to write about and actually  what I should be doing is working on proposals for work but, my mind is not there right now.  I am thinking about getting on my bicycle and going for a ride later with my husband (fortunately a keen mtb’r too!)

Today will be a bit different though – we have slicks on as The Cape Town Cycle Tour (aka THE ARGUS) is just around the corner, so we hopefully shall be riding like the wind is behind us (I live in hope!)

We decided to keep our knobblies (those thick bumpy mountain bike tyres – for those who don’t follow “mtb speak”) on for as long as possible to make the looming 109 kms ahead seem like a piece of cake… ha ha ha.  Hmmmm, well I am hoping that, seeing as it is my 23rd wedding anniversary on the day of the race, my dearly beloved husband has figured out what is good for him and will ride with me to give me a helping shove up those dratted hills  (like I said above – I live in hope)

Gosh just checked, 245 words… didn’t think I had THAT much to blog about.

Till next time I get the urge to splurge some words!